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Dr. Pat Sebastian is here to help you solve your health challenges. Through active listening consultations, Dr. Sebastian will provide you with your optimal health interventions (e.g. diet, medication, vitamins, exercise, relationship therapy, etc.)

At Faith & Medicine, our ultimate goal is to prevent disease before it manifests. Our daily goal, is to reverse or stabilize the disease process. This entails reviewing your current state of health, past health conditions, family histories, laboratory data, and diagnostic imaging (as available) to accurately assess and develop a health care plan for you and/or your family. Dr. Sebastian will look at ways in which you can activate your healing process by improving your nutrition (food selection, meal timing), your fitness level, your vitamin intake & prescription medication usage, and your relationships.

It is time to embrace Medical Nutrition Therapy as an integral part of your wellness program. This means using nutrition to assist your body in healing. It should be part of your everyday program and it can be modified to support any specific part of your body that needs additional care. The tools of the trade in MNT (Medical Nutrition Therapy) are food, water, vitamins, minerals, salts, fats, essential oils, flower essences, herbs, and homeopathy.

Do you need assistance? Are you taking prescription medication? Do you have a complicated medical history? You can benefit from a Medical Nutrition Therapy program. Schedule your 15 or 30 minute appointment with Dr. Sebastian today!


Health Tips from Dr. Pat Sebastian

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