I’ve partnered with Emerson Ecologics to bring you a wide range of herbs, nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals, and homeopathic remedies. You’ll be impressed with the quality of these products and the speed and accuracy of your order.

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Want some general advice on what to buy – check out the programs below and recommended products. The orange numbers and letters inside the parenthesis are Emerson’s product codes – click directly on the code to view the product. Need assistance while shopping – text Dr. Pat at 240-472-1941

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DrPat Sebastian


Taking Charge of your Life – the Big 5!

For healthy living everyone should take the following 5 products. These are the building blocks of every program and will help you stay healthy by boosting your body’s immune system.


Basic Program

Multivitamins / Multi-minerals: Organic substances that are essential for life (Please choose Tablet PON6, Liquid DR860, or Chewable CHEW8)

Omega 3s: Essential fatty acids.  Promotes healing of the tissues. (EPA32)

Vitamin D3: The sunshine vitamin. Aids the metabolism of calcium (VID23)

Probiotics: Healthy microorganism to improve digestion (UFDF6)

Detox Products: Improve liver functioning and promote internal cleansing (Advaclear 42)


Please use products according to the directions provided on the containers


Water Intake

Drink ½ of your body weight in ounces (ex. If you weight 204 lbs, then your total daily intake should be 102 ounces of water, which is ~3 quarts of water per day)

Highly Beneficial Practices
Rub your hand together often to warm them (provides thermal biofeedback)
Get a regular full body massage

Breathe Easy… Treating Seasonal Allergies and Sinusitis!


Start with “The Healthy Adult” and add:

   Vitamin C 2000-4000 mg/d: Helps Tissue repair (VitC7)

   Stinging Nettles & Quercetin: Reduces Inflammation (Que12)

   Sinusin Spray: Activate body’s healing ability (NASA3)

   Protoclear: Cleanses body of allergens (PRCB1)

   Adrenal support: Supports the adrenal gland (ADR38). This gland reduces the effects of stress on the body


dr pat sebastian acne

I want clear beautiful skin!

Start with “The Healthy Adult” and add:

Naturally Clear Cleansing Foam: Daily facial cleanser (CFOAM)

Natural Face and Body Soap: Total body cleanse (FBU32)

Acne Gel -Homeopathic Remedy: Activates body’s healing ability (ACNE3)

Derma Klear AKne Zyme: Aids metabolism (DER13)

Protein Powder PERQUE Whey Guard: Protein for healing (WG20)


dr pat sebastian aging skin

Go Ahead – Take the Next Step!

Start with “The Healthy Adult” and add:

Face DMAE Alpha LIpoic C-Ester Creme: To repair and strengthen skin (D41002)

Advanced Connective Tissue Formula: To repair and strengthen skin (C19898)

Natural Face and Body Soap: To naturally cleanse your face and body (FBU32)

Shea Butter: To nourish and moisturize your skin (N775)

Dr pat Sebastian anxiety

Why do I feel so stressed?

Start with “The Healthy Adult” and add:

Anti-Stress B & C w/Adrenal: Supports the adrenal gland – reduces the effects of stress (ANT28)

Rescue Remedy Spray: Provides natural immediate relief (RESC4)

Serenagen: Aids stress metabolism (M26777)

St Johnswort Flower Buds: A natural herbal stress reliever (STJ10)

Let There Be Peace and Quiet: A natural essential oil relaxing kit (N76533)


Dr Pat Sebastian Back Pain

Backaches and Back Pain –  Be Prepared for anything!



Start with “The Healthy Adult” and add:

Cal Apatite Forte: Helps rebuild bone (CAPF9)

Glucosamine Sulfate: Helps rebuild joints (GL750)

Muscle Spasm Remedy: Supports muscles (MUSC5)

Women: Add Fem Osteo: Female hormonal support (PHY53)

Men: Add Saw Palmetto Plus: Male hormonal support (SAW31)

Pain Eze Blister Pak: Natural Pain relief (R08244)


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