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Do superfoods exist? Yes! Are they considered superior to ordinary foods for our daily consumption? Yes! Superfoods contain greater nutritional content than normal food. We dramatically improve our overall well being by incorporating superfoods into our meal plans on a daily basis.


Let’s focus on the basics of healthy eating. Eat three meals a day approximately four hours apart. The more colorful your plate the better it tastes to your biceps and brain. The richly colored vegetables pack a bunch of vitamins and minerals.


This is an illustrative example of an ideal opportunity to appreciate organic eating. Casually walk to your outdoor garden and harvest the food you desire at its peak of ripeness. Prepare the food using fresh spices and herbs you nurtured and harvested from the same patch of earth. You have fresh fish in a tank because you fish in the morning and cook the fish in the evening. You purchase organic flour and transform it through a solar oven into magnificent bread. The water you are drinking and the water used in your food preparation is crystal clear from a free flowing spring located on your estate. This nutrition is the best. The food in this scenario is super food. There is no reason to take additional vitamins, supplements or superfoods.


How far is this picturesque plot of the planet from our houses in real life? How great a distance separates us from consuming our ideal diet? Most of us are able to purchase some organic foods at our local supermarket and a healthy lunch at our preferred restaurants. This is the reason why we need to take supplements, eat superfoods and start juicing in order to consume the amount of nutrients we need to achieve optimum nutrition. The primary focus of healthy eating that makes organic consumption beneficial is the ability to improve health while decreasing calories.


We are allocating the term superfood to foods that are super dense in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Superfoods do not conform to a standard category of food. The same way apple juice contains a high amount of natural sugar, superfoods contain a high amount of vitamins and antioxidants. Blueberries are very valuable fruits. Nevertheless blueberries remain with the regular fruits and vegetables.


The list of superfoods and where you can purchase them proceeds:

1: Pomegranate Juice (POM) – Local Supermarket

2: ACAI Berry Juice – Health Food Store / GNC / Drug Store

3: Noni Juice – Health Food Store / GNC / Drug Store

4: Aloe Vera Juice – Local Supermarket / Health Food Store / GNC / Drug Store

5: Mangosteen Juice – Health Food Store

6: Gogi Berry Juice – Health Food Store / GNC

7: Bolthouse Farms produces an amazing variety of Superfood Juices – Local Supermarket


The multilevel marketing world has produced and distributed several outstanding Superfood products. The daily dose for superfoods is usually a small one or two ounce serving. We dramatically improve our nutritional intake while minimizing our calories by choosing superfoods. We are fortunate to have such an amazing selection of these products.

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